COMPARTMENTALIZE The Secret to a Balance Freelancer

Unbalanced Attitude

“OVER EXCITED”. It happens when a newbie freelancer accepted from his dream job. Consider this. How do you feel after you received the most precious gift you been waiting for? Put a circle to any of the descriptions that apply to you.

  • You leave everything and focus on your gift
  • Did not sleep over night
  • You skip 1 meal
  • Became Obedient to every command

Overworked freelancer are taken forgotten to rest, take time-out for his /her families or even spending some time with his friends. He seems never get tired because of his dream job. A wise man said: “There is an appointed time for … every activity.”

Finding the balance

The two fundamental aspects of life are work and rest. Even though you enjoy your job, you must have to rest. The key to this is to COMPARTMENTALIZE. That doesn’t mean to sleep for a whole day or just by doing nothing. Example, if you’re doing your laundry using a washing machine, you can multi-task it by playing a small games with your kids or cleaning your house while the machine is running. The next day you make your to-do-list with your ministry or by hanging-out with friends, family or shopping. The 3rd day is your freelancing day. Buy-time for other vital in your life. Doing your secular work is one thing but you have to make sure to share your time with other activities and that’s is another thing.

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